Message from the President!


Dear fellow alumni,

The ISCAA was founded in 2004 - merely 15 years ago - however, its work comprises a legacy of 134 years of excellence with over 11,000 alumni. So, it is with great pride and enthusiasm that I embark on this new presidency.

On behalf of the new board, a special thanks to each and every individual who attended the elections and contributed to its success. Their valuable time and effort is not a reflection of a one-day commitment, but it shows their strong bond to the mother school and keen allegiance to the association.

Since the inception of the ISCAA, under the guidance of Dr. Samir Alam, H.E. Mr. Fadi Abboud, Ms. Hana Abou Khadra, and board members, we have witnessed the steady growth of the association.

The accumulative hard work has strengthened alumni relations, revived old friendships, and cultivated a scholarship program.

The new board will focus on the following:

  • Conferences tackling hot topics such as Sustainability and Economics
  • The 4th UN Sustainable Development Goal: Quality Education by means of conferences, seminars, forums, awareness campaigns, informative posts, and mentorship programs
  • Endorsing the scholarship fund to help financially challenged students continue receiving a top-notch education
  • The alumni association�s outreach by increasing the number of registered members and acknowledging successful alumni
  • A series of SABIS� Talks: a platform for alumni to share their worthy ideas
  • The organization of reunions and gala dinners
  • A career counselling platform

Furthermore, we will explore the possibility of paving the way for our association to join forces with local schools to become the Lebanon Chapter and pave the way for global alumni.

My hope is that we continue to deliver on our promise to support you and to reach out to our new members and the community.

Lastly, I wish every student and alumni a wonderful year filled with happiness, success, and great achievements.

Dr. Toufic Eid '76

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News & Events

1987 Class reunion on July the 6th

What a lovely gathering you initiated! Seeing you all in the Alumni Club House at the Mother School was great and I hope there will be more of these gatherings for all alumni.

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Bel Kawalis

Thank you all for your continuous support of the Alumni Association and the scholarship program. It was a pleasure to see you all at the performance.

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Trip To Baskinta

The Baskinta trip that took place on the 5th of November was exceptional by all means. An amazing mix of alumni from different years, “school bus trip spirit” and hidden stories about the great Lebanese writer Mikhail Naimy conveyed by Dr. Zakieh Naimy, all made it worthwhile.

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Photo Gallery

Trivia Night

Trivia Night

On February 24th 2018, we gathered up our Alumni from classes of 2005-2016 to enjoy a trivia night.  A night filled with questions and answers, where everyone mingled together and had a great time.  
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Chrismtas Choir in ADMA

Chrismtas Choir in ADMA

On December 14th 2017, our sister school in Adma organized a beautiful Christmas Choir conducted by father Khalil Rahme and the Notre Dame University Choir. We were so delighted to have some of our Alumni graduates joining this event. We were all enchanted by the lovely orchestra that...
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